How YOU Can Help!

There are many ways for you to get involved and help us in our mission to ensure each and every child celebrates their first birthday and beyond, free from accidental death and injury and support those who suffered the death of a child.  Check out some of the ways you can get involved below and find one that speaks to you.  Do you have another Idea?  We’d love to hear from you.  Simply let us know and we’ll be in touch.



NISSA received very little state and no federal funding. We rely completely on the kindness of our community and the generosity of our donors.  We are a recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization so all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Planned Giving


NISSA accepts legacy gifts as well as donations of property or other assets.  If you are interested in including NISSA in you will or other charitable giving planning NISSA has  an attorney who has donated services to set up such gifts free of charge.

Do a Fundraiser


NISSA is always excited to hear about fundraising ideas!  If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser for us, we highly encourage using Facebook. Their platform is fast,  easy and a very successful way to raise funds for our mission.



NISSA relies heavily on the kindness of over 800 volunteers each year.  From office work, to working our many events throughout the year there is something for everyone. NISSA volunteers in 2019 donated over 4500+ hours to help advance our mission.



Safe Start, a program of NISSA, performs prevention education services throughout the Northwest education on infant sleep safety and child passenger safety.  Join us and become a safe sleep education or a certified car seat technician, there are a million ways to advocate

Other Ways to give


Do you have another idea?  Something that you think could help us in our mission of education and support?  We’d love to hear your ideas.  Email our Executive Director Liz and we’ll get back to you shortly.