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Our History

It all began in 1961 after our founder, Mary Dore and six other Seattle area familie, who had lost children to what at the time was called crib death. They searched for answers as well as support through the grieving process, finding neither, they took it upon themselves to start the SIDS Foundation of Washington. We\’ve seen a lot of changes since then, but we\’ve held steadfast to Mary\’s belief that if a loss family calls, any day of the year, any time of the day or night, someone needs to pick up the phone. We\’re still standing by to this day. To learn more about our history and how we got from there to here, click HERE

Our Board

Nothing in this world is greater than the sum of it\’s parts, and everything we do wouldn\’t be possible without our amazing board. Meet the dedicated individuals that work tirelessly to ensure we\’re still keeping true to our original charter 58 years later, to educate parents, caregivers and medical professionals and support those who have suffered the ultimate loss.