About Us

Our History

As one of the oldest foundations in the nation, NISSA has very deep roots beginning with a very important woman, Mary Dore. In 1961, she and six other Seattle area families whose babies died from crib death (later known as SIDS) came together to search for answers and find support. Because no other group existed for them to join, they took it upon themselves to start the “SIDS Foundation of Washington”. They wanted answers to why their babies had died and to be able to reach out to other broken-hearted families.


We’ve seen many changes since then, but we’ve held steadfast to Mary’s belief that if a loss family calls, any day of the year, any time of the day or night, someone needs to pick up the phone. We are still standing by to pick up the phone to this day.

To learn more about our history and how we got from there to here, click HERE

Our Board

Meet the dedicated individuals that work tirelessly to ensure we’re keeping true to our life-saving mission. Because of their dedication, expertise and passion, NISSA continues to provide awareness, education and support to families in the northwest.

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Mary Dore Heart of Gold Award

“The Mary Dore Heart of Gold Award” is awarded yearly to the person or organization believed to have a major significant impact on our work and to ensure the vision set by our founder, Mary Dore continues.

The award is presented at our gala  “Night Under the Stars” each August.  For more information on the award, Mary Dore herself or past winners of the award click HERE

Legacy Hall

Legacy Hall houses 58 years of history. Browse through the photos, people, events and everything else that has brought us to where we are today. Feel free to look around Legacy Hall and learn about all those who have come before us, what they’ve done, how they did it and more.  Enter Legacy Hall HERE!